Bedrock Africa
Bedrock Africa


Sometimes the key to an unrivalled experience is finding the right person to show you around a new place. If Zambia is the place, Bedrock Africa has the right people, specialising in expert-guided tailor-made safaris, particularly birding safaris.

 We believe that exemplary customer care and personal attention make a trip memorable. However, passion and knowledge are what make a trip unforgettable. And, when it comes to birds, we are not short on either.

Together, Rory McDougall and Doris Glasspool — each experts in their respective fields — provide all the services and expertise that you might need.

Through Bedrock Africa, I seek to share and impart my love and profound interest in Birding, Wildlife and the African bush through professional guiding and training so that One can "Feel the Experience" and see its beauty though "an Artist's eye".

˜Rory McDougall˜






Did you Know?

Bats use echo-location to catch their prey/detect objects as opposed to eye-sight as it is very poor.


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